Flow Measurement


  • HydrINS II

6.2 HydrINS

Elektromagnetic Insertion Probe Flowmeter

HydrINS is an easily deployed and cost effective flow meter providing highly accurate bi-directional measurement for water distribution and raw water pipelines. Robust, watertight and compact, it features a highly accurate electromagnetic sensor and an integral transmitter enabling multiple telemetry options or simple totaliser.

The highly versatile unit is widely used throughout the world and available in various lengths to suit pipe diameters from 100mm to over 2000mm. It is equally well deployed for permanent or portable applications, inserted through standard under pressure tapping, with no interruption to supply.BSP and NST threads are available.


  • ChronoFLO

6.2 Chrono

Ultrasonic Pipe Flowmeter

The ChronoFLO Rugged Transit Time Ultrasonic Flowmeter uses advanced digital correlation processing techniques to achieve stable flow measurements even in difficult conditions and on most pipe materials.

Easy to install and suitable for clean and waste water pipes because no part of the equipment comes into contact with the fluid inside, the ChronoFLO features internal logging and a graphical LCD display to display information.