Data Logging


  • LoLog450 Data Logger

6.3 Log450

Single or Dual Channel Portable Data Logger

LoLog 450 is a highly flexible and cost effective data logger. Completely waterproof, submersible and battery powered it is designed for portable use and can be supplied in single or dual channel variants.

The analogue channel can be used for internal pressure, external pressure and 4-20mA. A digital channel is available for flow and status data.

The dual option combines one analogue and one digital channel, or two analogue channels.



  • LoLog LL / Vista Data Logger

6.3 Log LL

Portable Data Logger with integral LCD Display

LoLogLL/Vista is highly flexible yet simple and economical. Designed for portable use, it can be applied to virtually any data logging application in minutes.

LoLog Vista has the extra benefit of an Integral LCD display, giving a clear local indication of either one or both input channels.

They are completely waterproof, submersible and battery powered.




  • MultiLog LX Data Logger

6.3 MultiLog

Flexible GPRS and SMS Data Logger

The new MultiLog LX uses the latest integral GPRS technology to provide rapid data transmission at low cost. Data can now be retrieved from the network much more frequently for monitoring and response to events.

Advanced SMS data compression techniques enable one daily SMS to download data from two channels of 15 minute sample rate recordings.

SMS telemetry can successfully operate in poor signal strength locations where other data communications may be difficult.