Pressure Control


  • ControlMate II Pressure Controller

6.4 controlMate

Pressure Management system

Active pressure management using PRV controllers enables pressure to be optimized with changing demand.

ControlMate 2 is a low cost controller that enables the pressure into a zone to be switched between two pre-set values (“low” and “high”) according to the demand (flow rate) or the time of day.

This often achieves immediate and dramatic water savings and enables the PRV to be controlled realiably and safely.




  • ControllerCom Communication Module

6.4 controllerCom

Comms Module / Intelligent Closed Loop Interface

ControllerCom is designed to provide reporting of logged data and remote programming for ControlMate electronic pressure controllers.

The system also allows operation of the Siclops 2cl osed loop intelligent system when installed with Controller and Critical Point Data Logger.





  • Pegasus+ Presurre Controller

6.4 Pegasus

Pegasus+ is a sophisticated and highly versatile pressure control system with integral 2 way GPRS communications.




Key Features include:

Multi-point time based control for profiled control even where a flow meter is not available.

High performance flow modulation control with multiple table options.

Full closed loop, self learning automatic control can be enabled if required using data from CP logger and dedicated web software

Multiple alarm options

Full 2-way telemetry in all modes

Full main and secondary channel logging capability

In many markets PRV’s are installed without an “in line” flowmeter.  Pegasus+ features the capability to set 32 target pressures by time, flow or a combination with different table settings per day of the week.  This combined with intelligent extrapolation between target points means a sophisticated level of targeted control can be achieved even on a time basis.