Air Vent / Air Valve


1.  Capsule Type Air Vent (JAV-CT11 / JKV-4C) for Steam application

5.5.1. Capsule Type Air Vent

Model JAV-CT1 is a self-operating air vent to be used for eliminating air or non-condensable gas contained in steam, solving the air binding to ensure constant heat transferability and to prevent corrosion at the inside surface of pipe.

As a bimetal operated air vent, the operating feature depends upon the temperature differential between steam and air. The Valve closes at the steam temperature and opens when air or gas flow into the air vent.

Specification :


Applicable Fluid                                   : Steam

Working Pressure                                : Max 14 bar

Working Temperature                           : Max 220 Deg C

Connection                                           : PT Screwed

Hydrostatic Test Pressure                    : 1,5 times working pressure

Body Material                                       : Bronze

Seat, Spring and Screen Material        : Stainless Steel


2.  Float Type Air Vent (JAV-FT11 / JKV-6) for water application

5.5.2. Float Type Air Vent

Application for BBC (Bubble Crush) method has made it possible to have no chattering and water-hammer. The valve disc and seat are easily removable with cover : even if soiled with scale and dust, they can be easily removed.

Small in size and maximum working pressure is graded up to 10 bar. Big air venting capacity in this class. Provided manual operating device.

Applicable Fluid                                   : Water

Working Pressure                                : Max 10 bar

Working Temperature                          : Max 100 Deg C

Connection                                          : PT Screwed

Hydrostatic Test Pressure                   : 1,5 bar

Body Material                                      : Forged Brass

Seat Material                                       : Brass

Float Material                                      : Polyethylene