Temperature Control Valve / Temperature Regulating Valve


1.  Direct Acting Type Temperature Regulating Valve (JTC-DF13 / JKTR-2F)


5.4.1. Direct Acting Type Temperature Regulating Valve2-way temperature control valve for single sheet had a limited pressure due to the sense adoption rate deterioration and for double sheet was not precise enough due to sheet leakage or structural difficulty. Now adapting bellows for parallel pressure single sheet solve the existing problems and increase temperature range and allows compact and precise control.

  • Working Presure : Max. 20K
  • Working Temperature : 220°C
  • Fluid : Steam
  • Temperature Adjust Range : 40°C – 110°C
  • Cap. Tube Length : 5M, %M
  • Material : Body-FCD450 / Bellows-SUS304
  • Leakage : ≤0.05% of Cv
  • Seat : Single Seat(Linearity)


2.  Pilot Acting Type Temperature Regulating Valve


5.4.2. Pilot Acting Type Temperature Regulating Valve


This is a large size pilot acting type temperature control valve and is applicable for those place the size is bigger than direct acting type and pressure difference is big for the both end of valve. It is good for temperature control of a big storage tank and can be used for rapid boiler tank or heat transfer.

  1. It is a pilot acting type so that is applicable for various purposes.
  2. It can be used where the pressure difference is big for both side of valve.
  3. Temperature control range is 20℃. That means small temperature difference
  4. It does not require auxiliary power such as electricity and easy to install.
  5. The connection bronze part is covered with flexible tube and protect from damage.


SIZE 15A ~ 200A
Applicable Fluid STEAM
Connection FLANGEED (10K FF)
Material Body CAST IRON
Applicable Pressure for Thermo Bulb 10kgf/cm2 {1.0MPa}
Length of Capillary Tube 2m (5m is available upon request.)
Working Pressure 0.5 ~ 8kgf/cm2 {0.05~0.8MPa}


Adjustable Temperature Range :
  • 40℃ ~60℃            70℃
  • 60℃ ~80℃            90℃
  • 80℃ ~100℃          110℃