Leak Detection – Localisation Model


  • Localisation Model : PERMALOG

6.1 Permalog

Advance Leak Noise Logger

Permalog® enables water suppliers to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in the water network.

Loggers are deployed in areas of the distribution system to provide continuous monitoring of leakage.

Easily installed on pipe fittings, they are retained in place by a strong magnet and are powered by low cost replaceable batteries.

As soon as a potential leak is detected, the Permalog® unit enters an alarm state and transmits a radio signal to indicate a “LEAK” condition.


  • Pinpointing Model : MICROCORR TOUCH

6.1 Micr Touch

High Performance Leak Noise Correlator

MicroCorr Touch is the first standalone correlator to feature a high visibility full colour VGA touch screen to greatly improve data entry and the quality of data presentation.

The intuitive user interface enables the unit to be operated with the minimum key presses.





  • Pinpointing Model : SoundSend “i”

6.1 SoundSend

Correlating Leak Noise Logger

Boxes of loggers can be connected together to allow simultaneous programming and downloading of data from all loggers.

This, combined with a USB connection for easy communication with a PC means that leak detection is quick and efficient.





  • Ground Microphones Model : X-Mic

6.1 X-mic

Electronic Acoustic Leak Detection with minimum Level Profiling

Having identified an area of potential leakage, Xmic assists the operator to pinpoint the leak position.

MLP checks the readings over the previous 3 seconds and memorises the lowest noise level.

This is the constant background (leak) noise. As the sensor is moved, a series ofreadings are taken.

These are displayed digitally and graphically to clearly pinpoint the Leak Position.