Product Description:

1. RD312 Metalic Cover Locator (Metal Detection)


The RD 312 locator Sets a new standard of simplicity for finding valve box covers, vault covers and manhole covers lost under blacktop, concreate or grass.

Feature :

  • Easy Two Button operation
  • Automatic Sensitivity adjustment for peak performance
  • Variable audio tone indicate presence of buried object.
  • Angle and height of search head fully adjustable
  • No interference from passing vehicles and ignore buried metal trash.
  • Locate range until 1 meter buried metal covers


2. RD316 Magnetic Locator



The RD316 is a versatile, easy to use yet cost effective instrument for locating buried ferrous metal object.

Feature :

  • Locate Range until 4.5 meter depths of buried object.
  • An LCD visual indicator display signal strength and bar graph to further improve accuracy.
  • An erase function that allows you to block out magnetic interference.
  • A low battery level indicator.
  • Magnetic Speaker with waterproof mylarcone
  • Waterproof aluminium sensor tube with epoxy painted.