7.4. Retarding Chamber

7.5. Retarding Chamber

The Globe Model “H” Retarding Chamber is an accessory which is used with variable pressure wet sprinkler systems where water motor alarms and/or pressure switches are used in conjunction with Globe’s Alarm Check Valves. It serves primarily as a hydraulic time delay to prevent most false alarms associated with fluctuating water supply pressures. In situations where excessive water pressure surges occur, the Model H Retarding Chamber is needed to collect excess water from the Alarm Check Valve and feed water back into the main drain, before activating the alarm. An additional retarding chamber could be needed if pressure surges exceed the capacity of one retarding chamber.

Water enters the retarding chamber through the 1/2″ NPT Inlet and automatically flows through a restricted orifi ce and to drain; when the drain capacity is exceeded, as when the alarm check valve clapper remains open or when the system is being tested, the retarding chamber capacity is reached, and water then flows through the Outlet to the water motor alarm and/or electric alarm switch.

The body of the Retarding Chamber has considerable ductility to reduce damage in field handling.

All interior operating parts are machined from highly corrosive-resistant alloys, each having high strength and good wear resistance.