CORONA MULTI GUNA is a private company which was founded in 2009 by some engineers specialized in Steam Solution, Fire Protection System, Instrumentation Equipment and Water Flow Management. It’s focusing on industrial markets and commercial building projects.

The Scope of supply from CV. CORONA MULTI GUNA consist of some division, there are:

    • Utility Valve and Accessories Division
    • Steam System Division
    • Instrumentation
    • Fire Protections system Division


As it developed CV. CORONA MULTI GUNA started doing some project for Pulp and Paper industries, Cigarette Manufacture, Food Industries and some other kind of industrial company and also some commercial building project.

Not only doing selling and after sales service activity for these product, CV. CORONA MULTI GUNA is also extending support for customer by giving design system consultations for the efficiency of Steam and Fire Protection system in diversed application.