Safety Relief Valve ( JSV-FF100 )

Safety Relief Valve (JSV-FF100)

Safety Relief Valve (JSV-FF100)        

JSV-FF100 as representative safety relief valve of Jokwang is designed and produced based on the accumulated technology of long experience.
We strongly recommend JSV-FF100 to protect overpressure of the vessel and process line using in the various industries.

  • Type       Conventional & Bellows
  • Applicable Code  ASME Sec.VIII, API RP 520
  • Size        3/4” x 1” ~ 14” x 18”
  • Set Pressure Range            15 ~ 6000 psig
  • Allowable Leakage             API Standard 527
  • Material : Casting, Stainless Steel, Alloy..
  • Media     : Air, Gas &Liquid


  • Certified Discharge Capacity

JSV-FF100 is designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME Sec.VIII.

Also the discharge capacity is certified by NBBI (National Board OF Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspections) as well.

  •  Excellent Seat Tightness

Disc construction of JSV-FF100 is composed of a disc and disc holder.

This kind of simple shaped disc permits a uniform pressure distribution not to make any distortion of seat, thus maintaining excellent seat tightness.

In addition, the seat is machined and lapped with a high precision to enhance the seat tightness.

  •  A Single adjusting ring applied

A single adjusting ring is used to minimize the simmer phenomenon and initial lifting force for the clear popping and blow down.

In case of double ring type could be obtained the full lift, also the fixed holder of single ring type can function as upper adjusting ring of double ring type. Because of that the single ring type could insure full capacity under the condition within 10% overpressure.